About us

ProCommerce was founded in cooperation with HMStudio, a software company based in Israel. HMStudio built, custom-designed, and modified tens of online stores based on nopCommerce Open-Source software.

While working with nopCommerce, which is a great platform, we found some area's in the software which we though we could improve - so we developed special tweaks in the source-code - specifically for the problems we encountered along the way.

After seeing how helpful and productive our special developments were - we decided to offer them as easy to install and easy to use Plugins for the nopCommerce community. So we are proud to introduce: ProCommerce Market.

Here we offer Plugins and Themes that anyone can use! From the store manager (that has no clue what CSS is), to a store designer and even the most advanced nopCommerce developer who can save time by getting a ready-for-production solution from us.


We are taking an active role in the nopCommerce community, and as part of that - we are attending (and our CEO is also a speaker) in the 2016 nopCommerce Days - E-Commerce Conference in Amsterdam. We'll be glad to meet you there :)


ProCommerce also offers in Israel - a special 65-hour in-depth Course for designers and webmasters, specifically on the nopCommerce platform. Taking place in a hi-tech computer class, each student has a computer and works on a real nopCommerce store from scratch to finished product. We believe in learning by doing, hands-on.

For more details: ProCommerce.co.il  (website in Hebrew)